Call Center

Call Center

As part of Customer Care, Safo manages the entire process of customer relations both at first and second levels.

The operators at Safo are qualified and have high competence and proven experience in both NLT sector or general activities of relationship with the customer.

All operators undertake specific and thorough training on the product/service in the call centre.

The main feature of the service is:

ONE CALL SOLUTION. It’s a turn-key response: complete with all the necessary information for the customer.

Customer satisfaction is always verified at the end of every call and only after the ticket is effectively closed.

Special care is taken to receive feedback from customers for which the closure of a ticket that has taken longer than expected and also for customer who made critical claims.

For these customers is carried out a real recovery activity and satisfaction monitoring.

Safo has its own application platform of information management and processes the data received on a daily basis by providing statistics and reports.