Fines Management

Fines Management

Safo is leader for the Traffic Fines management and for a complete range of fleet related services offered to the Automotive market since the 1981.

Safo is always a reference point for the outsourcing back office services based on a high information technology level and on continuous innovation.

In 2016 Safo processed over 2.5 million fines, developing a fully digitalized workflow and many bespoke solutions that fulfil our clients needs.

Our services are continuously improved according to changes in legislation. Lately we have deeply adapted our processes taking into consideration the new “Road Act” (Codice della Strada) with the institution of a new article (Art. 94 comma bis) which require new administrative tasks to the company fleets.


A dedicated Mobile App for Fines Management is available where the driver is informed about a fine and its related details. Depending on the business rules/routes in place the driver can request further action by using his smartphone or tablet.

Safo is offering this service in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Romania and Czech Republic.